Cranium Agency specializes in one thing.

Growing Brands.

We do this through multiple proprietary methods to uncover various aspects of your brand. With the collection of our brand intelligence, this further helps us to create clarity and position your brand for growth. With brand clarity comes strategic clarity.

Let me begin by interjecting the idea that not all brands are created equal. Many companies fail to devote the time necessary in developing a thorough understanding of their brand which results in missing many critical opportunities.

Whereas great brands are successful not only by defining a unique offering to their customers but also by creating a unique position in the marketplace.

In order to accomplish brand growth, a brand must take on a holistic approach and encompass every single aspect of the company, including brand name, the leadership of the principals, culture, product offerings, service offerings, high-level benefits, location of the business, company values, community involvement, associations, etc. You get the point.

Furthermore, developing a growth brand strategy is paramount to the success of your business. This strategy can also make a significant difference in your team’s ability to successfully launch a strong marketing and sales strategy. We regularly talk to marketing and sales teams. One of their biggest complaints is the lack of a unique brand message or story that helps them define a preference for their prospects.

Once you have developed a growth brand strategy that is robust, you will be able to articulate and define your unique brand story and motivate your potential customer to act. And finally, your marketing and sales teams will be able to use this growth brand strategy to develop a sound marketing and sales plan.

All of this might sound simple, although there are many nuances to building a sustainable brand growth strategy. Over the past three decades, my experience working with incredible branding experts has helped me to share great insights, divulge intellectual knowledge, and provide specific agency processes. We can advise you on how to alleviate costly mistakes and uncover specific details on how to grow your brand.

I often hear, “You work with big brands that can afford to develop growth brand strategies. It’s just too expensive for us.” Remember, big brands technically reach a lot more people than other brands. If you are working on a smaller brand, the cost should be scaled accordingly. Plus, it is my opinion that big brands haven’t cornered the market on great branding. All of our growth brand strategies can be applied to a national brand or a small brand.

Let’s explore ways to make your brand more visible and create a meaningful, intuitive, and emotional connection between your brand and your customers.