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As part of a new brand initiative, Cranium Agency helped EPS Settlements Group discover and define their brand promise and also create a unique brand story. All of this was accomplished with an integrated brand strategy. This brand strategy began with several proprietary techniques Cranium uses to uncover critical brand elements. After the initial work was completed by the Cranium team, we collaborated with the senior team at EPS Settlements Group to lay out the groundwork for the new name and brand, Arcadia Settlements Group.

The updated brand brings their core brand and brand differentiation to the forefront. Arcadia is further positioned to lead the industry. Their commitment to provide financial stability for injured people and genuinely care about the results for their clients is unmatched by other settlements companies.

A clear and motivating brand story was developed. At Arcadia, their passion is helping and empowering people in need. Their expert team helps people navigate the complexities of injury claims with experience, well-proven strategies, compassion, and innovation. Arcadia can be found nearby, with more than 160 experienced settlement professionals across 50 offices in the United States and Canada.


“I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate and share this fantastic news! I genuinely appreciate and value the continuance of our strong partnership with our clients, consultants, case managers and employees as we enter this exciting new era with Arcadia. Also, Cranium Agency played a vital part in defining our brand and provided us with amazing brand consultation”.

Brad Cantwell, President
Arcadia Settlements Group

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