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About DISC

Since 2003, DISC (Denver Implant Study Club) has provided the most relevant dental implant continuing education to Denver and its subsidiaries. DISC’s primary objective is to empower doctors and their offices in strengthening their implant practices. It is tailored toward both general dentists and specialists.

The Work and Results

Cranium Agency began working with the DISC team in 2003 to establish a dental club brand with highly recognized national speakers, relevant topics, and continuing education for the Denver area. The challenge was to create a relevant organization and establish a long-term brand strategy geared for sustainable growth.

With our proven approach. Our aim was to attract dentists and help the Denver dental community. We defined the new brand and developed a solid brand strategy and marketing campaign plan.

DISC today is more readily recognized as part of the Denver dental community, and strategic brand exposure has helped the brand to gain added visibility. The results have included increased recognition in the industry, higher market value and better streamlined communications.

Cranium® Agency is a healthcare marketing and brand consulting agency located in Denver. Through our proprietary brand strategy, we help health brands solve complex brand challenges and rise above their competitors.

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