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The Work

Gates Corporation is a world leader in industrial engineering and manufacturing. The company employs over 14,500 staff and has sales and manufacturing operations in all of the world’s major markets, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Cranium Agency worked closely with the internal marketing team at Gates on various brand initiatives. Recently, Cranium Agency helped Gates to launch a new app “Design Flex Mobile,” an easy-to-use calculator. We began with research into various aspects of the application that were most sought after including high-level features, user interaction, and customer needs. We also initiated a series of testing platforms specifically designed to gather additional input and feedback throughout the app development process. We then pinpointed all critical aspects of the corporate brand message, audience, marketplace, the organization and its offerings.

After the initial launch of their new application, Gates received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from their employees and customers. The willingness for Gates to create such a useful application that potentially reduces the sales cycle and saves a significant amount of time has proven to be extremely beneficial.