The Work

Cranium Agency’s challenge was to merge the revitalized FRx Software brand with the existing Microsoft brand to ensure uniformity in all communications collateral. With an established long-term brand transition strategy into the Microsoft brand, we were also challenged with evolving several brand names while also maintaining a cohesive brand culture for existing clients.

To properly align the FRx Software brand with the Microsoft family of brands, we used our proven approach. Our aim was to attract new Microsoft-savvy buyers and help FRx Software earn a higher profit margin.

Cranium Agency began by conducting strategic focus groups with select FRx Software clients and staff to define initial brand perceptions. We also completed a visual communications audit of their existing collateral, Microsoft’s print and digital promotions, as well as their competitors’ marketing materials. We defined the new brand character, tone, personality and essence. Cranium Agency also updated the Microsft FRx logo mark and associated product logos to represent a Microsoft family brand. By better understanding the corporate culture, their current client’s needs and potential new opportunities, we were able to develop a solid brand strategy and marketing campaign plan.

Microsoft’s new branded software, Microsoft FRx Software, has matured and attracted customers to their new, higher-level product offerings. Microsoft and the new Microsft FRx brands have emerged as strongholds in the financial software market and will continue to focus on their client’s needs through consistent communications.

The Microsft FRx brand today is more readily recognized as part of the Microsoft family, and that exposure has allowed the brand to gain added visibility. The results have included increased respect in the industry, higher market share and more streamlined communications.