The Work

Pigeon Mountain Industries may seem like an unlikely name for a rope company – unless you have reason to know just how much rope Pigeon Mountain has consumed in its time. PMI (the rope company) is named for what is perhaps the premier vertical caving area here in the United States: Pigeon Mountain in Northwest Georgia. Pigeon Mountain takes its name from the Passenger Pigeon, which was native to the area before its extinction. Pigeon Mountain is in the heart of the renowned TAG caving area of the USA and is home to numerous caves including two of the deepest natural pit caves in the USA.

PMI engaged Cranium Agency’s services to update their corporate brand, along with their subdivisions, to better reflect their true brand culture and position in the marketplace. Cranium created new corporate and subdivision logos, stationary, and also a product catalog.

Since the launch of their new brand, PMI has established a stronger presence in the market and continues to grow their brand equity. PMI has also grown to become a leading life safety rope manufacturer, supplying life safety rope to cavers, climbers, mountaineers, rescuers, rappellers, and military. PMI ropes are renowned throughout the world and can be found in use on the summit of Mt Everest, in the caves of China, through the dark reaches of Antarctica, inside Asian industrial plants, by municipal rescue squads, in the European Alps, and right here in our own American backyard.