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The Work

Cranium Agency worked with Regional West Health Services to re-brand the organization and integrate several major subdivisions, reinforcing cohesion among both staff and patients.

In distinct phases, Cranium Agency strategically analyzed all the key brand elements, business goals, and marketing strategy. We then pinpointed all critical aspects of the brand message, audience, marketplace, the organization and its offerings.

In addition to helping Regional West Health Services identify their position in the market, Cranium Agency created a strong brand identity to support the well-articulated position.

Regional Health Services and its subdivisions have always been recognized for their quality of patient care and accreditation. Cranium Agency worked to uncover their true brand and position in the market through in-depth research, the development of a strategically sound brand strategy, and strong creative to support it. Also, the outcome of a cohesive message and identity that reflected the true brand was paramount to the success of maintaining an active presence in the community.

The new organizational structure also served as an incentive for physician recruitment, which is the key to offering quality primary and specialized care. Finally, the new logo and identity represent a strong and caring brand while focusing on the future in the interest of providing the best possible health care.

Cranium® Agency is a healthcare marketing and brand consulting agency located in Denver. Through our proprietary brand strategy, we help health brands solve complex brand challenges and rise above their competitors.

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