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Linea Software offers rock solid software development that is custom-built for healthcare brands. Linea brings a human touch into the world of technology. They design sophisticated architecture and build rock solid software.


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Build a brand from the inside out.

Linea Software, a new software development company specializing in the healthcare industry, brings decades of internal software development experience from the founders and the internal team. Linea Software was born with a simple concept, “Empower healthcare visionaries to do great things.” Cranium Agency’s quest was to build upon the existing brand vision and position the new company as a market-leader in the very competitive industry.

Linea Software was introduced as a new alternative to the run-of-the-mill approach for software development. The partners and principals at Linea Software have a long history of developing sound and secure software for many early-stage to Fortune 500 companies, emphasizing usability and human interaction to empower healthcare visionaries to do great things.



Instill a unifying brand story, with empowerment being the common denominator.

Cranium Agency developed a succinct new brand that focuses on the human aspect of Linea’s offerings. Software development generally has a sterile and non-caring stigma. After all, software is built from pixels and digits. This is where Linea Software differs. They don’t see software development merely as solving basic user problems. They see it as life changing experience to ensure humanity’s evolution. At the core, Linea Software helps to empower visionaries and help to improve lives. Working closely with the Linea team, Cranium built the brand story and defined various aspects of the brand message. Based on fact-based research, Cranium provided strategic brand consultation with a focus on launching a strong brand. To supplement the core brand elements, Cranium’s suggestion was to evolve the brand further with a new name and the focus on the healthcare industry vertical.

From concept to the visual expression of the brand, we designed a new website to showcase Linea Software’s innovative approach and their core values presenting a human side of the business while at the same time reaching across multiple audiences in the healthcare industry. The expression of black and white photography style illuminated a personal and human touch to Linea’s brand. In addition, the brand story, copy message and style were written to connect with leaders in the healthcare industry and convey a message of expertise and human connection.

“Cranium Agency has worked with me on numerous ventures throughout the years and each experience has been as unique as each project has needed. However, a rebrand, focused on a new sector and also during a tough economic time, definitely added challenges that were both unexpected, and in some ways unprecedented. Alex Valderrama and his team not only impressed me, but was able to get us even more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Helping us correlate past experiences within a new niche market was invaluable. I personally look forward to using Cranium Agency on upcoming projects and recommend them without hesitation.”

-D. Austin
Partner at Linea Software

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