Since 1989, Cranium Agency (a brand communications agency) has helped clients solve complex brand challenges through smarter brand building strategies. We are one of Denver’s premier branding agencies and we focus on building strong and sustainable brands.

Through our proprietary process, early-stage to Fortune 500 clients have benefitted with business growth, strong brand recognition, clear market position, and improved customer experience engagement. These include IBM, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Massey Ferguson, National CineMedia, Viaero Wireless, Fathom Events, PMI, Regional West Health Services, Truven Health Analytics, Basil Doc’s Pizza, Spavia, and DenteVita just to name a few.


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Cranium is positioned to help guide you through the branding process.

Cranium has worked with a broad spectrum of exceptional national and international clients such as IBM Watson Health, Citi Community Capital, Truven Health Analytics, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Massey Ferguson, National CineMedia, and Regional West Health Services in addition to regional businesses such as Bright Community Trust, Basil Doc’s Pizza, Spavia, Blast! Express, and Dr. Aldo Leopardi.

We understand that you are passionate about your brand. The roles that strategic branding and design are playing in today’s competitive market are paramount to the success of your business. With brand consultation, aligning the vision of your company with strategic branding and exceptional creative design is a recipe for success.

Brand Refresh

As time changes, brands must evolve and remain viable in the marketplace.

A brand revitalization helps companies from being perceived as stale and stagnant. Whether the competitive landscape has changed, your brand is perceived as no longer relevant, or there is a shift in your value proposition, Cranium has the expertise to help you through these difficult times.

The challenge is to maintain a fine balance between the current brand equity and define areas of the brand that are no longer relevant. The articulation of these changes is not easy, although change is necessary. Our focus is to revive your brand with true values and a new voice in order to clearly define your client’s preference for your brand they clamor for.

We offer a full suite of branding services to build, maintain and evolve your brand.

  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Message and Position
  • Brand Refresh Consultation
  • Brand Story Development
  • New App Launch
  • New Brand Launch Planning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Workshops
  • Competitive Brand Research
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Brand Gap Analysis


We understand the many challenges you have in front of you. Whether you are starting or re-launching a brand we can provide critical help.

Creating a strong brand name is crucial to the success or your business. A strong brand name reflects who you are and what you stand for. A brand is not just a logo or a trademark. It is the accumulation of all touch points your brand has with your current and potentially new customers. This means that your brand name will reflect every point of contact with customers, partners, and suppliers. It is essential for building lasting impressions – from the way you answer the phone to your development and sales activities.

We offer a full suite of naming strategies to bring your brand to life with a name everyone clamors for.

  • New Brand Name Strategy
  • Name Research
  • Intellectual Property Verification
  • Brand Name Architecture
  • Product and Service Name Development
  • Competitive Brand Research
  • Brand Refresh Naming Strategy
  • Naming & Strategy
  • Name Research & Analysis


Building a strong brand identity creates long term brand loyalty and provides compelling reasons for preference.

We produce work that is held to a very high standard. We believe that branding and design are intellectual processes; we like to plan, research and think about our projects before we decide how they’re going to look. We also know that to communicate an idea, we need to give it a unique and innovative visual language.

Our mantra is “Everything Communicates.” It is a phrase that best describes our creative approach to problem-solving. Some design companies offer you a concept, some a style, and some emphasize their technical expertise. We, however, value all three of these as essential ingredients for effective communication. Good design is a business advantage.

In addition to our core strategic branding services, we provide these creative branding services:

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • App Design & Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Advertising
  • Sales Enablement Tools
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO Strategies