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Fathom is groundbreaking cinema entertainment that offers a broad range of unique, exclusive, limited-run live or pre-recorded entertainment events to local movie theaters around the country: Comedy, Concerts, Opera, Original Programs, Premieres, Sci-Fi & Horror, Sports and Talk Radio Events. Fathom is a compelling and valuable entertainment experience – high-quality entertainment shown in a convenient, comfortable and cost-effective environment.


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Fathom Events – A Cinematic Brand Success

Fathom Events, a groundbreaking name in the cinema entertainment industry, now represents the epitome of unique, exclusive, and limited-run live or pre-recorded entertainment experiences in local movie theaters nationwide. From Comedy to Concerts, Opera to Original Programs, Premieres to Sci-Fi & Horror, and even Sports and Talk Radio Events, Fathom offers an impressive array of high-quality entertainment. In this case study, we dive into the transformation of the original company “Big Screen” into “Fathom Events”.

Market and Brand Research

Cranium Agency embarked on a meticulous journey of research, both internal and external, to gain profound insights into the dynamic and ever-evolving cinema entertainment landscape. This comprehensive research served as the bedrock upon which the transformation of Fathom Events was built, guiding every strategic decision and shaping the brand’s future.

Internal Research: Unveiling the Core Brand’s DNA
To begin this transformative process, Cranium Agency first looked deep into the internal workings of the company. This internal research sought to unveil the brand’s DNA, understanding its history, values, strengths, and areas for improvement. Key aspects of this phase included Market and Brand Research, SWOT Analysis, Brand Equity Assessment and Key Differentiators, etc.

External Research: Understanding Audience and Industry Dynamics
In addition to internal research, Cranium Agency conducted extensive external research to gain a holistic view of the cinema entertainment landscape to include Audience Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Industry Trends and Innovations. We also closely monitored emerging technologies and entertainment formats that could impact the brand’s future.

The Foundation
This exhaustive research phase laid a solid foundation for the redefinition of Fathom Events. Armed with a deep understanding of the brand’s inner workings, market dynamics, and audience insights.

Cranium Agency’s commitment to thorough research was the cornerstone of Fathom Events’ transformation. The discovery enabled us to redefine the brand, setting it on a path to becoming a recognized leader in the entertainment industry. Every aspect of Fathom’s revitalization was rooted in the insights gained during this research, ensuring that it could successfully navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of cinema entertainment.


Brand Name Redefined: “Fathom Events”

Following in-depth research and analysis, Cranium Agency unveiled the new brand name – “Fathom Events.” This name not only resonated with the essence of cinema but also carried the promise of depth and immersion in entertainment.


Crafting the Brand Story

Cranium Agency, with its expertise, crafted a compelling brand story that would engage and captivate the audience. This narrative would later become the cornerstone of Fathom’s identity.

Fathom Events has become more than just a brand; it’s a symbol of immersive, unparalleled entertainment. It’s a name that resonates with those seeking depth, adventure, and memorable experiences in the world of cinema.

In crafting the brand story of Fathom Events, we didn’t just choose a name; we embraced a concept. ‘Fathom’ represents the spirit of exploration, the unveiling of hidden treasures, and a commitment to quality. It’s a name that invites you to dive deeper into the world of entertainment, knowing that each Fathom Event promises a journey into the extraordinary. Fathom Events is more than a brand; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of cinematic wonder.


Brand Position Reinvented

A new and updated brand position was carefully curated to align with Fathom Events’ vision. This included brand equity, key differentiators, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, and various additional brand elements that define a strong brand position.


Campaign Development

With the brand foundation solidified, Cranium Agency embarked on a journey to create campaigns that would introduce “Fathom Events” to the world. These campaigns were strategically designed to generate excitement and buzz around the new brand.


Graphic Design Excellence

Graphic design played a pivotal role in creating a visual identity for “Fathom Events.” It was essential to convey the brand’s essence through visually appealing design elements that resonated with the audience.


The Impact

Today, “Fathom Events” stands as a recognized leader in the entertainment industry, ranking as the 11th largest distributor of content to movie theaters in North America. Fathom’s influence is comparable to major Hollywood studios, with limited screening dates and showtimes. The company boasts the largest cinema distribution network with over 1,100 participating locations and nearly 2,000 screens in 184 DMAs, including all of the top 100 markets. This expansive growth continues year-over-year, with a global presence that spans more than 45 countries and over 2,100 screens worldwide.

In collaboration with National CineMedia, Cranium Agency’s strategic approach and dedication to the brand’s success have transformed “Fathom Events” into a cinematic powerhouse.