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IBM Watson Health empowers leaders, advocates and influencers in health through support that helps them achieve remarkable outcomes, accelerate discovery, make essential connections and gain confidence on their path to solving the world’s biggest health challenges.


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At Cranium Agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn challenges into opportunities, and our partnership with IBM Watson Health is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional brand consulting and marketing services. Cranium played a pivotal role in rebranding IBM Watson Health and driving remarkable outcomes for the organization.

Client Profile: IBM Watson Health
IBM Watson Health is a global leader in healthcare technology, dedicated to empowering leaders, advocates, and influencers in the health sector. Their mission is to accelerate discovery, facilitate essential connections, and address the world’s most significant health challenges.

The Challenge: Rebranding IBM Watson Health
When IBM Watson Health approached Cranium, they were embarking on a monumental rebranding initiative. The challenge was clear: to harmonize brand messages across various IBM Marketing departments while maintaining ongoing marketing efforts. This coordination was crucial for the success of the updated brand.

Our Approach: Crafting a Comprehensive Strategy
Cranium Agency crafted a multifaceted strategy that touched every aspect of IBM Watson Health’s brand transformation:

  • Overall Branding and Design Support: We started with a fresh, dynamic approach to branding that resonated with IBM Watson Health’s mission and values. Our design team ensured that every visual element reflected their commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • Copywriting: Crafting compelling and resonant messaging was essential.
    Our copywriters wove a narrative that conveyed IBM Watson Health’s mission and value proposition, captivating their target audience.
  • Email Strategy: Email is a powerful tool for engaging with stakeholders.
    We devised an email strategy that kept IBM Watson Health’s audience informed, engaged, and excited.
  • Landing Page Design: An effective landing page is the cornerstone of online engagement. We designed landing pages that not only looked stunning but also converted visitors into advocates.
  • Trade Show Booth Design: For a brand as influential as IBM Watson Health, trade shows were a vital platform. Our innovative booth designs left a lasting impression.
  • National Ads: Our team crafted national ad campaigns that amplified the new brand’s message, reaching audiences far and wide.
  • PowerPoint Presentations: Every presentation became an opportunity to showcase the new brand’s strength and purpose. We created impactful PowerPoint designs that left a lasting impression.
  • Digital Brochures: In the digital age, brochures needed to be more than static documents. We developed interactive, visually striking digital brochures that told a compelling story.

The Results: A Resounding Success
The collaboration between Cranium Agency and IBM Watson Health was a success beyond expectations:

  • IBM Watson Health’s rebrand initiative was seamlessly executed, harmonizing messages across the organization.
  • Remarkable outcomes were achieved, with increased brand recognition and engagement.
  • Accelerated discovery became a reality as the new brand positioned IBM Watson Health as a leader in healthcare technology.
  • Essential connections were established with stakeholders, fostering trust and collaboration.
  • Confidence was instilled in the organization’s path to addressing global health challenges.

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At Cranium Agency, we are driven by our passion for branding excellence and creativity. Our partnership with IBM Watson Health exemplifies the transformative impact of our work.

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