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Regional West Medical Center

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As the region’s only tertiary referral medical center, Regional West offers care that spans more than 32 medical specialties provided by over 28 physician clinics. With nearly 300 providers in their network, and approximately 2,000 staff members, Regional West provides comprehensive and innovative health care services for the people of western Nebraska and the neighboring states of Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming.


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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Regional West Medical Center stood as an example of excellence, offering a vast array of medical specialties and services to the people of western Nebraska and neighboring states. As the region’s sole tertiary referral medical center, they were undoubtedly a vital part of healthcare. However, Regional West recognized the need for an updated brand and positioning. This is where Cranium Agency stepped in to collaborate and bring about a significant change.

The Challenge
The challenge was clear – Regional West Medical Center needed a complete brand overhaul to reflect their true essence and potential. With numerous providers and a rich history of patient care, they were poised for greatness. Yet, their brand didn’t fully communicate their value, leaving an untapped potential for growth. Cranium Agency was tasked with rebranding the organization, integrating several major subdivisions, and fostering unity among staff and patients.

Brand Research: Unveiling the Truth
The journey began with an extensive phase of brand research. Cranium Agency took a deep dive into Regional West’s history, ethos, and their role as a healthcare provider. We conducted thorough market analysis, understanding the competition, audience, and marketplace dynamics. This research was pivotal in shaping the brand strategy that would follow.

Brand Launch: A New Beginning
With a treasure trove of insights from our research, Cranium Agency embarked on the path of brand launch. We envisioned a brand that would resonate not only with the staff but also with the patients and the community at large. Our brand launch strategy was very detailed, ensuring that every element was aligned with the new identity we were crafting.

Brand Position: Making a Mark
Regional West Medical Center had always been synonymous with quality care, but we wanted to elevate this perception to new heights. Cranium Agency worked tirelessly to define Regional West’s position in the market. We wanted them to stand out as not just a healthcare provider, but as a trusted partner in the journey of health and well-being.

Corporate Identity: A Strong and Caring Persona
One of the key aspects of the rebranding was the creation of a corporate identity that would serve as the backbone of Regional West’s new image. Cranium Agency designed a logo and visual identity that exuded strength and compassion. The logo represented the organization’s commitment to a bright and caring future in healthcare.

Graphic Design: Crafting a Visual Story
A brand is not just about words; it’s about visuals that speak volumes. Cranium Agency’s graphic design team created a visual language that was harmonious with Regional West’s new brand identity. From brochures to digital assets, every piece of graphic design echoed the message of quality and compassion.

The Results: A Transformative Success
The journey was challenging, but the results were extraordinary. Cranium Agency’s rebranding efforts not only breathed new life into Regional West but also had a profound impact on the community. The brand now resonates with staff, patients, and the public alike.

The cohesive message and identity we developed played a pivotal role in maintaining an active presence in the community. Moreover, our work served as a catalyst for physician recruitment, ensuring that Regional West could continue to offer top-notch primary and specialized care.

In collaboration with Regional West Medical Center, Cranium Agency undertook a remarkable rebranding journey that redefined not only the organization’s image but also its future. Through brand research, a well-executed brand launch, a strategic brand position, a powerful corporate identity, and compelling graphic design, we have successfully transformed Regional West into a leader of healthcare excellence.

The new brand identity not only reflects Regional West’s true essence but also sets them on a path to even greater success and impact. It’s a testament to the power of branding in healthcare and the profound difference it can make in the lives of staff, patients, and the community at large.