SPAVIA offers high-quality, custom and affordable spa services in a relaxing atmosphere. They aim to provide their customers with stress reduction through massages, facials and body treatments, and to serve as a refuge where customers can frequently relax, escape and thrive – all at a better cost than any comparable spa experience.

SPAVIA believes that regular massage and spa treatments are therapeutic to the mind, body, and soul. Therefore, they offer a monthly membership program so customers can make these treatments a regular part of their lives without a long-term commitment.


Brand Research
Brand Launch
Brand Position
Corporate Identity
Campaign Development
Graphic Design



We believe that branding is an intellectual process. Through our strategic branding system, we work with clients like SPAVIA to plan, research and define the best possible direction for their brand and marketing strategy.

Since SPAVIA was a new brand, Cranium Agency worked with the owners to create all of the brand characteristics, brand tone, brand story, new brand message, etc. Cranium Agency was charged with the tasks of defining a strong brand for the business, creating compelling marketing materials to effectively promote their offerings and also consulting with the owners to ensure their long-term success.

We used a proven approach to establish SPAVIA’s new brand platform and ensure that their spa would exclusively occupy a particular sector of their market. Cranium Agency began by completing the initial research, which included competitor positioning analyses and visual audits. We also defined SPAVIA’s brand message and position, which included the brand character, brand personality, and brand essence.

SPAVIA has emerged as a major competitor with various locations throughout Denver and its suburbs. SPAVIA has also benefited with a strong brand recognition and loyal customers.

SPAVIA successfully launched their new brand and opened their business doors to eager new clients. They signed dozens of new members in their first few weeks and continue to gain recognition in a highly competitive marketplace.



The greatest value that Cranium Agency provided was the weekly one-on-one consultations with Alex Valderrama, which helped us clearly define and execute our goals in branding SPAVIA. Their copywriter was instrumental in helping us prioritize and refine the messaging for all our marketing communications. Plus, their traffic manager invested extra time to make sure we delivered communications to our audience in a timely manner. Most importantly, Cranium Agency created the foundation for a brand that will allow us to quickly franchise our brand across the country. They played a critical role in helping us achieve our goals of driving customer acquisition during our business launch phase.

-Marty Langenderfer, Owner