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Ruut Consulting is a full-service project management firm serving the commercial real estate market. Our firm offers unparalleled client-focused services forged through deep industry knowledge and expertise. We listen closely to our clients, develop customized and efficient project plans, and deliver transformative outcomes.


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Within the ever-changing commercial real estate market, Kevin Terrien, the founder of Ruut Consulting, envisioned a client-focused business that unfailingly delivered on every project, transforming the standard for commercial project planning and management in the industry. Leveraging Kevin’s insight and deep industry knowledge, Cranium Agency helped to create a new brand for Kevin’s forward-thinking company, Ruut Consulting.

At the very onset, Cranium was charged with building a unique brand from the ground up. Through extensive marketing and branding research, we identified various elements that need to be put in place. Along with an overall brand strategy, market research, and the creation of essential brand elements, Cranium composed a short list of possible names to best position Kevin’s new company. After several rounds of review, and deep intellectual property research, the new name “Ruut” was selected. But our work was not yet complete. We then finalized Ruut’s brand with the creation of various elements such as brand character, brand differentiators, positioning, brand story, and brand message.

With a clear and purposeful brand developed, Cranium Agency also created and defined the visual brand with a new corporate identity, a custom logo font, website design, and other visual elements.

Since its initial launch, in a very short time, Ruut Consulting has emerged as one of the leaders in the commercial real estate project planning and management market. Ruut Consulting has secured several new clients including Vail Resorts, Newmont Mining Corporation, and McRel International.