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The secrete to creating a unique position.

Great health brands are successful not only by defining a unique offering to their customers, but also by creating a unique position in the marketplace.

By: Alex Valderrama, CEO and Brand Strategist at Cranium Agency

So, why is it so important to clearly define your brand’s “Secret Sauce”?

Let me begin by interjecting the idea that not all health brands are created equal. Many wellness and healthcare organizations do not devote the time necessary to develop a thorough understanding of their brand. The result is missing many critical communication opportunities and wasted efforts with inconsistent brand messaging, misdirected advertisements, and campaigns that do not connect with your customers. When we work with new clients, the outcome of the initial brand gap analysis proves as a great resource on the current state of brand. After careful consideration, we often identify many strategies and tactics to strengthen the brand.

Great health brands are successful not only by defining a unique offering to their customers, but also by creating a unique position in the marketplace. This is accomplished by working through various components of your brand such as brand positioning, messaging, differentiators, competitive position, brand story, SWOT analysis, brand character, tone, and more. It may sound like a lot of branding jargon that means very little on the surface, but these brand elements—and more—help to define your brand’s “Secret Sauce.” In essence, a well-articulated and clearly crafted brand will separate you from your competitors, assist in creating your overall brand message, define your unique story, and motivate your customers to act.

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When we work on a new brand initiative and help health brands reposition to better optimize their sales and marketing teams, we also take a holistic approach to the discovery and execution phases. A brand must encompass every single aspect of the company, including the brand name, leadership of the principals, the culture of employees, the product offerings, the service offerings, high-level capabilities, the location of the business, company values, community involvement, associations, etc. You get the point.


The development of a robust brand strategy is paramount to the success of your health brand. This strategy can also make a significant difference in your team’s ability to successfully launch a strong marketing and sales strategy. It’s our experience, when we talk to marketing and sales teams, one of their biggest complaints is the lack of a unique and unified brand message or story that helps them define a preference for their prospects and close sales.

Once you have developed a strong health brand strategy, your very own brand “Secret Sauce,” you will be able to articulate and define your unique brand story and motivate your potential customer to act.

Moreover, getting people motivated to purchase your product or service starts with a strong brand story. And finally, your marketing and sales teams will be able to use your brand’s “Secret Sauce” to develop a sound marketing and sales strategy.

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