When to Rebrand?

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Defining Your Brand Secret Sauce

Most companies spend a significant amount of time creating their “Secret Sauce” primarily in the development of their product or service. This can take a lot of time…

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Has the power of innovation gone too far?

A new Rembrandt painting was unveiled in Amsterdam using technology and data. Referred to as “The Next Rembrandt” this painting was made from data gathered from…

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Ten Naming Lessons I’ve Learned

Written by Alex Valderrama, Partner, Cranium Studio There is a lot that goes into choosing the right name for your business, product, or service. A clear articulation of the…

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A Unique Branding Approach For The City Of Porto

The design firm Atelier Martino & Jana were instrumental in crafting a unique approach to design and implementing a visual language that truly captures the brand essence of…

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Great Brands Inspire Action

Have you ever wondered what makes a great brand? The answer can be found deep in the brand purpose. This is where it all begins. Every strong brand has a purpose and every…

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The Legacy Of A Brand

Historically, many companies fail within the first couple of years. The reasons are varied due to many factors such as lack of funding, poor management, inadequate resources,…

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